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Insurance Repairs

We specialise in putting things back the way they were before the incident. Whether it's flood, impact, earthquake, storm or accidental damage - we can help.

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Having worked closely with insurers for many years, we’re experienced in the requirements for scoping and quoting repair jobs. We've had many repeat customers who have experienced a high level of satisfaction, then had us back for further private works and projects.

In recent times, extreme weather events have played a dominant role in insurance claims. We've attended many “make safe” incidents, using our own Builders, Electricians, and Subcontractors to provide a fast and reassuring outcome.

We work out of Christchurch and Wellington, covering the immediate city and out-lying areas. Sometimes your claim may involve a loss adjuster, property manager, tenant, or an owner. We keep all concerned parties in communication to make the experience as easy as possible.

We partner with leading insurance providers, including AA and Vero. We’re also Tier 1 accredited with AMP and Tier 2 accredited with IAG to provide construction services.

Through these partnerships, we are able to offer priority quotes with a fast turnaround. 

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