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Switched On Building Solutions' team of Master Builders are fully approved Décortech® installers working closely with Architects and Décortech® to produce a quality result on many commercial building projects in Christchurch & Wellington

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Switched On Building Solutions' team of Master Builders are fully approved Décortech® paneling installers, successfully delivering many large commercial projects on time at the highest standards. Décortech® the market leader in decorative, acoustic & fire resistant wall and ceiling panels, and we work closely to offer fully customised and precise solutions.

Switched On Building Solutions is a fully approved Decortech cladding installer. Our skilled team have delivered many successful commercial projects in both Christchurch and Wellington.

All Décortech panels are pre-finished to save time and costs on-site while reducing potential issues.
Because the product is pre-finished, our team must maintain excellent communication with stakeholders to ensure everything runs smoothly during the installation process.

If you'd like our Master Builders to install Décortech on
your project then get in touch to discuss how we can
make this happen. 


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Want to use Décortech or Trespa paneling for your next commercial project? Get in touch.

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