Switched On Group is the industry best for service and delivery in the commercial & residential building and maintenance sector.

Our Purpose and Values

Switched On Building’s is proudly whānau and iwi owned as part of the Switched On Group. As an Amotai Registered business, in partnership with Ngati Toa Rangatira, we take care of our people and the hapori we serve. Our purpose and values drive how we enhance the experiences of our people and customers, and contribute to the wellbeing of our communities.


Our purpose

Enhancing people's environments.


Our values


Manaaki M

Manaaki at mahi
We’ve got each other’s backs and work together to achieve shared goals and tackle challenges. 

This looks like:
• Collaborating with other teams to achieve the best result.
• Listening to understand, not just to reply.
• Speaking up about problems and ‘owning’ them together.
• Respecting the diverse ideas and expertise we each bring to mahi.

We don’t:
• Work alone. We involve other teams to create better outcomes.
• Exclude. We are inclusive and bring the right people around the table early.
• Ignore bad behaviour. We call it out.
• Leave room for doubt. We communicate proactively and clearly.


Hauora M

Hauora matters
We prioritise wellbeing and show we care, before taking action. 

This looks like:
• Asking: How are you? And being interested in the answer.
• Really getting to know one another.
• Celebrating and thanking people.
• Being flexible when whānau need us.

We don’t:
• Make lunch at our desks a habit. We encourage time out.
• Skip straight to tasks. We check in on each other first.
• Slack off on culture. We commit to improving our working environment.
• Put on a work ‘self’. We can all be who we are here, and have a sense of humour.


Customer A

Customer aroha
We treat our customers like we treat our own whānau. 

This looks like:
• Putting our customer and their experience first.
• Friendly, proactive communication.
• Thinking outside the box to create personalised solutions.
• Taking pride in our mahi.

We don’t:
• Over promise. We are open and honest about the best course of action.
• Go the easy route. We design our approach around customer needs.
• Rush. We take the time to do all work well.
• Say: “she’ll be right.” We exceed expectations.



Helping our hapori
We care beyond the job and create positive impact in our communities. 

This looks like:
• Partnering with local businesses, big and small.
• Knowing our neighbourhood and how we can make a difference.
• Stepping up when times are tough, and always being there.
• Leaving environments better than we found them.

We don’t:
• Forget our roots. We bring mahi to communities.
• Skip coffee and scones. We spend time getting to know local people.
• Just see the work. We see the people.
• Tick boxes. We create solutions that benefit.