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Wheki Building - Canterbury University

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The Wheki Building at University of Canterbury was a large scale commercial painting project to rejuvenate the entire exterior of the building.

The Wheki Building is a four-storey building that was built in the 1980s. It is a concrete, steel, timber and glass structure that is used for student accommodation, lectures and functions at the University of Canterbury’s Dovedale Campus. The building’s exterior update sits alongside a large Campus Master Plan programme of works at the University.

This commercial painting project demanded highly professional health and safety planning, project management and co-ordination with the trade management team at the University.

The work included the preparation and painting of varying surface types, including the timber fascia & soffits, concrete walls & pillars, steel handrail supports, H-beams, timber wall cladding and a maintenance area on the roof.

The project took approximately six weeks by a team of four to eight painters in four stages, over a three month period.
Each of these stages were signed off by a Resene representative to ensure high quality standards were maintained by our Master Painters at Switched On Building Solutions.

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