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St. Patrick's Church Lincoln

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Decortech is paneling is for decorative, acoustic and fire resistant wall and ceiling panels. Our team worked on a Decortech Paneling Package for the Main Contractor at St. Patricks Church in Lincoln. St.Patrick's Church was damaged in the Christchurch Earthquake, and is now a beautiful, architecturally designed building.

We supplied and installed 12mm Decortech Fire Safe Mdf. Panels to the cathedral ceilings at the church, these consisted of a mix of pre-cut perforated panels and site cut non-perforated border panels. We were required to create a 10mm negative detail around the edge of the area where the panels meet the walls or beams and a 3mm panel around the edge.

This project involved attention to detail and precision, each area where the perforated panels sat needed to be individually measured to ensure we met the exact tolerance around the sheet as they are pre-cut in the factory and cannot be altered. Each of the non-perforated border panels had to be cut to size on site ensuring the grain all flowed in the same direction.

We completed all of the blocking onsite which was painted black to accentuate the negative detail and also to fix the sheets using the concealed fixing slots. We also constructed a Louvre Screen to the reconciliation room.

This project took our team approximately 8 weeks and we engaged with Decortech directly to create shop drawings for architectural review and sign-off.