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Maintenance at Cathedral Grammar

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Switched On recently renewed its building maintenance services contract with Cathedral
Grammar in Christchurch. Our team of Master Painters has been providing exterior painting
services to Cathedral Grammar for the past seven years and securing this contract a second
time is evidence of their ability to deliver high-quality work at prices on par with the market.

We re-paint one-two buildings a year at the school and this work is usually completed during
the school holidays, which means the team must work efficiently to get the job done.
Up to five or six tradespeople are usually required and scaffolding work needs to be factored in,
as many of the school’s buildings are multi-storey. Working in the education sector means that
all our staff also need to be police-vetted.  

Securing school maintenance contracts is highly competitive - the time frames can be incredibly
tight - but our team are highly skilled and have a lot of experience in planning logistics for large-
scale painting projects like these.